Mauri Tū Kaha Gray’s iwi affiliations include Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, Waitaha, Rangitāne, Ngāti Porou and Kahungunu.

Mauri lives in Ōtautahi (Christchurch) and has a diagnosis of Tetraplegia Cerebral Palsy. Medifab and Spex have been privileged to support him with a wide variety of equipment since he was 4 years old.

Some of our team members have known Mauri and his family since he was very young and it’s been wonderful to watch him develop into a now very grown-up 18 year old!

Mauri has a Quickie Iris wheelchair with Spex Seating, which has some essential features to ensure that he’s comfortable and happy while he’s out and about sharing his beautiful smile with everyone… which is extremely important when you’re a big people-person like Mauri!

Mauri has two lovely nieces, Maia and Hana and has a very busy life!

He spends a lot of time in the community at his marae, on his grandparents’ farm, visiting whānau, riding for the disabled, pilates and going to the beach.

The 16” BMX-style knobbly tyres on his wheelchair make it easier to navigate different terrains and the iXpress attendant power assist control helps his carers manoeuvre his wheelchair.

His Spex Super High Contour Cushion and 4-point hip belt plus a custom padded neoprene underbelt helps to lock Mauri’s pelvis in place as soon as he is hoisted into the chair to stop his body from thrusting him forward and out of position.

This underbelt allows his carers to get the other components into position on his wheelchair and then attach the 4-point hip belt and his shoulder harness.

Mauri’s Spex Centrepoint Harness helps to keep his shoulders in contact with his T-Shape Spex Classic Back Support and relax his shoulders into a position that is comfortable and safe.

The combination of this and elbow blocks (Spex Laterals mounted to the back canes) prevents his arms and hands from getting caught down the side of his wheelchair and discourages him from putting his arms behind his back.

The Spex T-Shape Back Support works perfectly to accommodate his broad shoulders and help support his high tone.

It also has custom foam and a WheelAir accessory to help provide plenty of air flow for body temperature regulation all year round – how cool!

Mauri is very tall and has a long torso, so his Spex Broad Size 5 laterals, thigh guides and Comfi arm supports give him a good amount of support.

Importantly, these accessories are mounted on swing-away and quick-release hardware, which allow for easy transfers.

Mauri has good head control; however, he relies on a headrest when using more tilt in his Quickie Iris and when he is tired.

The Stylo 260 with Spex Comfort 250 head support gives him plenty of surface area to remind him to hold his head up, whilst giving him space to easily look around and not obstruct his view.

All these features aid Mauri to stay in a neutral position, protecting his spine and body shape as he moves throughout the day. His seating and hardware are also padded to maintain comfort and protect him from injury.

The Medifab team were very happy to be asked to create a custom holder for Mauri’s Tokotoko, a traditional Māori carved ceremonial walking stick, which has been passed down from his father.

It marks authority and speaking permission for the person holding it. Mauri carries this with him onto the marae, and the holder makes it easier for Mauri to have this with him and not worry about it being dropped.

In addition to his Quickie Iris Wheelchair, Mauri also uses an Endeavour stroller which allows him to sit in a different position whilst doing his favourite activities.

This is kitted out with a Spex seat pan for mounting hardware, a Spex cushion, 4-point hip belt and SuperShape back support.