Here at Medifab we strive to make a difference for people’s lives and reach out to help people in need.

Recently Medifab gave a large number of pushchairs, buggies and mobility equipment along with a vast range of postural accessories for disabled children in Tonga. Now we are giving away more products for free! We are extending our care and generosity by gifting more run-out products to needy individuals with disability.

You personally can make a difference to someone in need with Medifab’s giving! We are promoting giving our stocktake clearances and run-out products to an individual or organisation of your choice including:

  • An individual in a poverty-stricken country
  • Someone within NZ that isn’t eligible for NZ government funding.
  • A community organisation where a number of people may benefit.


At Medifab we believe in ‘Shaping Better Lives through Consistency of Care’, and through our ‘Stocktake Run-Out Charity Program’ you can nominate an individual or organisation within the above criteria where this care can be extended to. This is a unique, practical and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child, family or community organisation. With our support you can make a difference to others’ lives and it’s a great way to do something positive and meaningful for someone that is disabled and in need of equipment that will benefit them.

Please note that all applications will be submitted to the Medifab Management Team for approval on a case by case basis. The Team’s decision will be final.


Three easy steps:

  1. Apply for the product of your choice with supporting reasons for your nomination.
  2. On acceptance by Medifab, you arrange the freight/collection of the gifted product.
  3. At some stage after issuing the product we’d love to hear from you how the product is working and what it has done for the individual’s life.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Medifab Stocktake Run-Out Charity Program only applies to specific run-out stock items.
  • Any additional parts, accessories or service/refurbishment work required is considered additional and will be invoiced to the receiver.
  • Medifab’s decision is final and we do apologise if the product of your choice is unavailable through prior issue.
  • Medifab reserves the rights to withdraw an application for whatever reason.
  • Equipment is to be received in as-is condition.
  • Parts and accessories may not be available for the equipment of your choice.
  • Equipment cannot be returned to Medifab after issue.
  • The receiver is to arrange freight ex-works and/or collection from Medifab (NZ branches only). Medifab won’t freight equipment between its branches unless payment is made for this freight.
  • Your feedback will be posted on our website, unless specified.