Technical Bulletin:
03.22 Stylo Updates
Technical Bulletin
Date Effective 28 February 2022
Product Affected Stylo Head Support Hardware:

Stylo 160 Fixed and Flipback Stem

Stylo 260 Fixed and Flipback Stem

Product Codes Affected Spex Codes beginning with:

1274-125: Stylo 160 Fixed Mechanism (including Variants)

1274-225: Stylo 160 Flipback Mechanism (including Variants)

1274-128: Stylo 260 Fixed Mechanism (including Variants)

1274-228: Stylo 260 Flipback Mechanism (including Variants)

Change Summary The connection between the steel ball and the black Stylo stem has been redesigned. This results in:

  • Significantly improved clamp performance.
  • Increased overall durability.

Manufacturing of the Stylo Flipback stems has been improved. This results in:

  • Reduced actuation force, so the mechanism is easier to flip.
  • Reduced free movement when the mechanism is locked.
Technical Bulletin
Some Spex customers have provided feedback that the performance and durability of the Stylo Head Support hardware could be improved.
In some cases, the connection between the ball and Stylo stem would previously loosen, causing the ball to wobble. Spex has redesigned every component in this joint for better durability and all Stylo hardware is now shipping with the improved design.
You can identify the new stems by the addition of a washer underneath the screw head:
Previous Stem Design Updated Stem Design
Provided with Stylo head support hardware prior to March 2022 Provided with Stylo head support hardware from March 2022 onwards


If you have a Stylo stem that has a loose ball connection, Spex is happy to supply replacement components free of charge under warranty. Please submit your request using the form below.
The performance of Stylo Flipback stems is also now more consistent. Their actuation force has been decreased, making them easier to use, and with reduced free movement when locked.
At Spex, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our products. All Stylo hardware has been reviewed, and a number of other rolling changes are being implemented for better performance, durability, and future-proofing.
Please reach out to the Spex Customer Support Team if there are any questions you have.