It’s fair to say Steve’s work has been a life-long passion. As a seven-year-old he became friends with a young wheelchair user, gaining a unique appreciation for some of the challenges he faced (and spending plenty of time playing about with his chair!).

His career in the industry started when he was 18. He spent six years as a technician repairing chairs – pulling them apart, putting them back together, and gaining an in-depth understanding of their inner workings – before transitioning into sales and training.

Today, Steve uses his 30+ years of knowledge and experience with power chairs to help therapists and advisors deliver the very best solution for every individual they work with. He trains technicians, configures systems, and teaches end-users how to get the most out of their chairs.

Driven by a deep desire to improve the lives of people with mobility issues, Steve is always looking for opportunities to share his skills. A decade ago he travelled to Samoa with a spinal group, spending a week setting up wheelchairs and helping people with significant needs and limited resources.

He finds his work immensely rewarding and loves the fact that every day brings something a little different. He cherishes the relationships he has built throughout his career, and is immensely proud of the fact that everyone from therapists, technicians and advisors, to wheelchair users themselves, turn to him when they need advice they can rely upon.