Meet Joana Santiago, the Head of Clinical Education and R&D Clinical Lead at Medifab.

Joana Santiago completed her training in Occupational Therapy in Portugal in 2004. She is passionate about Seating and Positioning and understands how comprehensive postural management can have a strong influence on functionality, health, and the ability to lead a positive lifestyle.

Over the years, Joana has gained extensive clinical experience throughout her career, working with suppliers of medical equipment as a Seating and Positioning Consultant among large hospitals and rehab centres in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. These experiences enabled her to work closely with a diverse range of clients from paediatrics to those affected with neurological and traumatic injuries, assessing and supplying a wide range of Assistive Technology including aids for daily living, mobility, complex seating and positioning equipment. With a hands-on and flexible approach, Joana takes pride in her ability to reach good clinical outcomes by considering the individual, cultural and social needs of those she works with.

In the past 15 years, Joana has worked within the industry in 5 different countries around the world and is now based in Sydney, Australia as a Clinical Educator for Medifab, where she is able to have a positive influence on the development and supply of their extensive range of products. Her passion, pride in her work, and energy, make her one of the most renowned educators in Australasia and beyond. A vibrant personality and absorbing method of teaching allows her to deliver engaging training.

Joana has presented internationally, including at the International Seating Symposium, European Seating Symposium, Oceania Seating Symposium, Asia-Pacific OT Congress, Posture and Mobility Group (PMG) Conference, and Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference and throughout Australia at in-services to seating clinics, ATSA Independent Living Expo, Assistive Technology Conference of Queensland (ATQ), and Australian Assistive Technology Conference (ARATA).