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Enabling freedom without compromising posture and comfort, Zygo is a back support with inbuilt laterals designed for full-time self-propelling wheelchair users.

Active wheelchair users don’t want to be held back – they want the freedom to go places and do amazing things.

Zygo back support systems are lightweight, easily adjustable, easy to install and remove, more breathable and more personalised.

Zygo back support systems give you more comfort, flexibility, personalisation, and freedom to move – enabling you to go places, achieve more, and be whoever you want to be.

The back support is an integral wheelchair component for appropriate seating position and trunk support. It plays an important role in increasing comfort and function for wheelchair users.

Sitting over extended periods of time can cause discomfort and accelerate the development of spinal deformities. Manual wheelchairs are usually supplied with sling-style back supports which do not provide appropriate postural support, nor adequate pressure relief, for some full-time wheelchair users. Rigid back supports are recommended for improved postural support and comfort.

Spex Seating aimed to design the Zygo back supports with suitable shapes and sizes for most active users, without any major adjustments or customisations.

A low-height shell with an open shallow contour provides…

  • Support for the pelvis and lumbar spine
  • Shallow contour suitable for users with moderate trunk mobility and strength
  • Features a round, padded top relief to support and protect the spine

Designed for the individual who:

  • Requires a solid back support to accommodate mild postural and stability needs
  • May need posterior and lateral trunk support to maintain good posture alignment and enhance function
  • Has mild to moderate torso asymmetries
  • Requires superior pressure distribution
  • May have independent self-propelling skills
  • May need to independently transfer in and out of their wheelchair
  • May need to independently install and remove the back support from the wheelchair
Jayden displaying his Spex Zygo Back Support.
20 years old
Going For Gold
Future Paralympian, Jaden trains for several hours a day - so for him, comfort and flexibility in his wheelchair are everything.
Pieta enjoying using her Spex Zygo Back Support
22 years old
"I can go anywhere, easily"
Pieta feels super-supported and comfortable with the Zygo back support, both when she is sitting still and moving. Whether she's propelling upstairs or ...
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Drop Mount Hardware

The lightweight Drop Mount hardware self-locks into place and is simple to operate with a single combined clamp and mechanism unit. The release mechanism is simple to operate, and suitable for single-handed use, and those with limited hand function. The hardware gives plenty of adjustability and rigidity and can be used on a wide range of wheelchair frames.

Developed using a composite material the Drop Mount Hardware is lightweight (600-800g) without compromising on durability.

Available in four sizes, ensures the visual footprint of the hardware is paired perfectly to the back support size. The hardware fits 10” to 20” wide backs which are between 7” to 18” tall.

Size Code Width Adjustment Depth Adjustment Wheelchair Compatibility: When Used with Zygo Back Supports Wheelchair Compatibility: When Used With Spex Back Supports Weight
Paediatric 1259-1400-00P 1″ 2″ +2″ to -2″ +2″ to -0″ 600g
Small 1259-1400-00S 1.7″ 1.5″ +2″ to -2″ +3″ to -0″ 600g
Medium 1259-1400-00M 1.7″ 2″ +2″ to -2″ +3″ to -0″ 700g
Large 1259-1400-00L 2.3″ 3″ +2″ to -2″ +4″ to -2″ 800g
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