Spex Vigour
High Contour

Designed for the user who has symmetrical or mild asymmetrical postures needing mild to moderate postural control

Vigour Technology

Vigour cushion is designed to properly centralise and stabilise the pelvis, hips, and legs to maintain and improve comfort, function, and positioning in all other parts of the body.

Vigour reduces fatigue and pressure with the support and comfort that helps you go the distance. A combination of high resilient foam and gel-foam that is durable, flexible and comfortable.

Clinical Applications

Designed for the user who has symmetrical or mild asymmetrical postures needing mild to moderate postural control.

Excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Require pressure reduction and redistribution.
  • Require pelvic stability.
  • Need moderate control of posture and upper extremities.
  • Need moderate control of abduction or adduction propensity.
  • Active self-propel users.
  • Gel-foam ischial well evenly distributes pressure under the pelvis and reduces shear forces in sensitive areas.
  • Special foam layers offer anatomically correct posture
  • Slight thigh elevation for increased balance.
  • Offers exceptional pelvic comfort.
  • Specific contouring offers a high degree of pelvic stability.
  • Coccyx channel for enhanced pressure relief (for sizes 16” +)

Comes with washable Spacer fabric cover and BONUS incontinent cover

Also available in Standard Contour version with 30mm contour height instead of the High Contour 50mm.

Product Performance
Cushion Size Chart
Width Cushion Height Weight Capacity Trough Height Product Weight (16×16)
8″-10″ 2″ 200lbs (90kg) 50mm 1.5kg
11″-15″ 2.5″
16″-17″ 2.75″ 350lbs (160kgs)
18″-20″ 3″

Pressure Care 3
Positioning 3
Lateral Stability 4
Offloading 3
Changing Needs 1

*Product Performance ratings are used to compare Spex products only.


  • Blue squares are standard sizes which are available on the Enable NZ MOH list, available for straight purchase
  • Red squares are standard sizes available for trial
  • Non-standard or custom sizes are available for purchase