Pixi Stroller

Outstanding Stability & Quick, Easy Folding

An attractive, lightweight stroller for disabled children with rigid seating shell construction.


  • Compact Frame, Can be quickly folded down to place in the boot of a vehicle.
  • Backrest Recline, Allows the child to relax or sleep.
  • Manoeuvrable, A great stroller to push! Ball bearing castors make it easy, especially in shopping malls etc…
  • Robust Design, Excellent reliability.
Standards Compliance

I have prescribed the Pixi stroller for my clients. The design has proven to be strong, reliable and well-liked by parents.

These are some positive points I can state about why I like the Pixi: An easily re-usable solution. Its upright sitting position is ideally suited to a wide sector of the disability market. An ability to easily fit a 5 point harness. Seat depth variability can be accommodated with some modifications (ie. foam back inserts and seat depth extenders) Minimal maintenance issues experienced.

Seating Therapist & Paediatric Physiotherapist

Our son Tobias is 7 years old and has Angelmans Syndrome and is a very active boy.

We love the Pixi stroller, because it is strong and offers good stability.

The stroller is strong and safe enough so that Tobias cannot tip it over, although he is a very lively boy!

When we go to the mall and have lunch we don’t need a special chair for Tobias.  The stroller is the right size to sit at the table, and Tobias cannot run away.

The Pixi stroller is excellent in the forest and on the beach, because the stroller has air tyres and makes it easy to handle and push. We like also the adjustable ergonomic handlebar which is great when we have a Nanny who is not so tall.

I am happy about the durable seat cover, because Tobias can be messy. The seat cover is easy to remove and wash.

Folding is easy. We have a small car and it goes into the car easily on its side.

Our conclusion is: anytime again with the Pixi stroller!

Tobias’s Mother.