CareWave Lying
& Positioning System

The CareWave ‘Care-Kit’ body positioning system offers lying support for all ages, from infants to adults.

The Care-Kit can be also be used on the floor for positioning during the day. Unique micro-particle padding means that the carer can increase or decrease the support and comfort level around the user’s body and limbs by simply adjusting the filling.

Care-Kit includes:

  • Micro-Particle positioning mattress
  • 2 Cylindrical bolster cushions
  • Small half moon cushion
  • Abduction cushion
  • Small universal cushion
  • Transport bag

The Care-Kit can be rolled up and transported using the transport bag in minimum time – saving you any hassle!

Carewave and
The Microbead

At a maximum volume, every bead has 12 contact points with neighbouring beads. These 12 contact points pass on the energy multi-dimensionally to the next 12 beads.

The weakened energy is the again passed on via another 12 contact points.

The Microbead structure is multiplied in three-dimensional space.

Hundreds of microbeads have thousands of contact points, which pass on the weakened energy.

With the Microbeads, forces are passed via contact points to neighbouring microbeads.

In addition, part of the energy is transformed into the thermal energy by the associated friction.

The impact energy is reduced and distributed throughout a large area via millions of contact points.

Contrary to traditional foam materials the system requires only a little space.

Code Mattress Length
Small Care Kit 7007-0001-066 120 cm
Large Care Kit 7007-0002-066 160 cm

Sadie has a rare syndrome that involves extremely lax joints which has led to reduced strength and function in her limbs.  She has previously had spinal-rodding which has reduced the flexibility in her neck and trunk.

Sadie was starting to have issues with comfort at night, where she has a limited ability to reposition herself which meant that a parent was starting to have to get up to her in the night to help make her comfortable.

Our goals for sleep positioning was to find a product that was comfortable, provided adequate pressure relief and some flexibility with positioning.  We chose the Care-Kit from Medifab as other kids have reported that it is really comfortable and allows some flexibility by adding in additional rolls etc.

Sadie does not require aggressive positioning as she does not have tone or major skeletal deformities, which made the Care-Kit perfect for what she wanted.  Sadie is now sleeping on it happily, where the quality and quantity of her sleep has improved and the need for a parent to get up to her in the night is greatly reduced.

Sadie’s Physiotherapist
Child Development Service

I have used the Care-Kit for quite a few of my clients now. My thoughts regarding this product are:
  • Not scary or complicated to use – great for beginners.
  • The way the micro-beads move around is much more comfortable and flexible than some systems and a carer is able to do this with confidence.
  • The fact it can be used on the floor for daytime sleeps is great for the young kids – they tend to spend a lot of time on the floor.
  • Some clients sleep with their parent in a double bed and the care kit can easily be used in this situation.
Occupational Therapist