Bingo Wheelchair

A functional, adjustable, and easy-to-use canopy system that fits most wheelchairs from 10-16″ wide.

A simple adaptation of the famed Bingo Stroller canopy to fit most wheelchairs from 10-16″ wide, that is functional, adjustable, and easy-to-use, and provides protection, visibility, and peace of mind.

Experience the versatility of the Bingo canopy, adapted for wheelchairs. Our Bingo Wheelchair Canopy brings together style, function, and ease, enhancing your chair’s utility and comfort. With the simple addition of our Spex mounting clamp and canopy mounts, you can easily attach this adjustable canopy to wheelchairs as narrow as 10” to as wide as 16”.

Size Compatibility Fits wheelchairs from 10″ wide to 16” wide.
Product Code 1800-7500-000