Introduction to Special Purpose Strollers

Strollers make life as a parent easier – they provide a means to move your child around as you go about everyday activities. When a child has a disability, medical condition or developmental delay, there may be specific needs or considerations that can be better met through a special purpose stroller compared to continuing to use a stroller or pram purchased from a department type store.  

Why Might a Special Purpose Stroller Suit My Child?
  • Your child’s current stroller does not give them enough support to maintain a good sitting position, and you want to be able to access the community with your child 
  • Your child fatigues easily, has difficulty walking long distances, or it’s more important for your child to conserve their energy for other activities in their day (such as playing with friends or siblings, going to daycare/school).


The Pixi and Duro Strollers are designed to manage fatigue in children.

  • Your child might have medical equipment they need to use when in the stroller, and you need to have places on the stroller to attach this to. 
  • Your child may have outgrown stroller options from everyday stores, but need support with their mobility in the community. 
  • Your child may be developing their safety and road awareness skills, and they need a harness on the stroller that they cannot open themselves to keep them safe when out in the community.

The anti escape buckle can help keep children with developing road skills secure.  

Benefits and Features of Special Purpose Strollers:
  • The special purpose strollers look similar in design to strollers sold at everyday stores. This means your child can use a stroller for everyday activities, such as going to the park or to visit family or friends, while ensuring their own individual needs are met to support their development, comfort and safety.   
  • Additional support for sitting and posture – This might look like more support for the head, torso, around the hips and pelvis or at the feet. The types of additional sitting support will depend on the specific model of special purpose stroller. Supporting a good sitting position is important to support your child’s posture, breathing, digestion and joint development. 
  • Forward or rear facing – Some special purpose strollers have the option for rear facing, which is a great option for situations where a parent or carer feels more comfortable being able to see the child while pushing the stroller. 

The Bingo Evo can be altered to face the view or you!

  • In built growth – Some parts of the special purpose stroller can increase in size over time, so your child can get maximum use out of the stroller over a longer period of time

The Bingo Evo is growth adjustable

  • Easy to fold – Special purpose strollers have similar folding mechanisms to strollers from department stores, so they often fold in a similar way. 
  • Seating adjustments – These can make sitting more comfortable and can increase how long some children can sit for, depending on their own individual needs. 

Robbie uses his Bingo Evo with his seat adjusted in tilt for more comfort.

  • Storage – Special purpose strollers come with storage options including storage basket and options for storage of oxygen bottles, feeding pumps and suction machines 
  • Accessories for everyday activities – examples can include a tray for meal times or table top play, sun canopy for outdoor use and grab rail for additional stability or comfort depending on the specific stroller. 
  • You might want to be able to use stroller seat for indoor activities – some stroller seats come off the stroller base and attach to an indoor chair base. This means you only need one seat for two different uses! 

The Bingo Evo has a Cobra Base unit, creating a new purpose for the same seat unit.

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